Our Vision

When I first decided to start Waypoint Watch Co. the most common question I got from family and friends was ”Why a watch company?” To me, Waypoint Watch Co. is not just another watch company it’s my avenue for making a positive change in people. Right now you’re probably wondering how a watch can positively change someone, but it’s not the watch itself it’s what the watch represents. My vision is to make every Waypoint Watch a symbol of positivity, a wearable reminder for you to take the time to enjoy whatever it is you enjoy most in life.

I want your Waypoint watch to be able to change the way you think. A "waypoint" is defined as a stopping place along a journey. The journey is your life, and your Waypoints are the times you stop to enjoy it. When you look at your Waypoint watch let it remind you to stop and enjoy your life. If your watch can remind you to do something as small as just think of something that makes you smile, or something as large as take a spur of the moment road trip then it's doing its job.

You're not buying just a good looking quality watch, you're buying a state of mind, a new way of thinking, and a better life. You're buying a conversation starter with other Waypoint watch owners because you know that they also subscribe to this way of thinking and a positive lifestyle. It's easy to get caught up in the day-to-day routine but if your Waypoint Watch can remind you of your quest to live the best life possible, then it's does much more than tell you what time it is. How you live your life is your choice, make it a good one and let your new Waypoint watch remind you to stop every once in a while to enjoy the ride.

-- Mike Bonanni, Founder & CEO



If you believe in the Waypoint Lifestyle then use the power of social media to show us your photos living life the best you can! Tag us @WaypointWatches on Instagram and @WaypointOfficial on Facebook and hashtag #WaypointLifestyle to get a chance at being featured on our social media pages! After all, a Waypoint Watch is not just something that tells you what time it is, its a symbol that you choose to live the best life you can, taking time out of every day to do things that make you happy.


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