Privacy Policy

All information collected by Waypoint Watch Co. will only be used to process orders and will not be sold or used in any other way. Waypoint Watch Co. will only save payment information upon the request of the customer. Name, e-mail address, and billing and/or shipping address will only be stored on our secure database. Customer e-mail addresses will only be used by Waypoint Watch Co. for the purposes of order updates or Waypoint Watch Co. promotional newsletters, special offers, and new product announcements. Customers are able to unsubscribe from any email list at any time by clicking the "unsubscribe" link in any Waypoint Watch Co. promotional email or by emailing your request to

Warranty & Service

All Waypoint watches come with a limited warranty for two (2) years from the date of purchase with a copy of the sales receipt. All cases should be submitted to us by the customer to During the warranty period the watch movement, hands and dial are the only components covered under this warranty. All approved warranty claims shall be repaired or replaced with new at no charge to the customer. If the design and/or style of watch is no longer available from Waypoint, we shall replace it with a watch of similar or greater value. For warranty work, the customer is responsible for all shipping charges.

The warranty does not include batteries, glass lenses, case, cosmetic damage, crown, or the bracelet/strap. Any damage resulting from accidents, misuse, negligent care, or tampering shall void all warranties. If the watch case has been opened or any service has been done by unauthorized service centers all warranties shall be void.


All Waypoint watches can be returned within 15 days of purchase with a copy of the sales receipt. Returns are subject to a $30.00 restocking fee. Refunds will be awarded using the same payment method and/or credit card used for the initial purchase or shall be awarded as credit toward another Waypoint product. Refunds accepted as credit toward other Waypoint products shall not be subject to restocking fees. Refunds will be denied should the watch be returned damaged from accident, misuse, negligent care, or tampering determined at the sole discretion of Waypoint Watch Company. Customer is responsible for return shipping charges.

Free Shipping

If the "Free Shipping" option is chosen on qualifying orders, the method of shipment and carrier are to be chosen at the sole discretion of Waypoint Watch Co. Discounts will not be given for additional shipping methods. For example, if an order qualifies for free shipping, there will be no discount if the customer chooses overnight shipping. Free shipping will be sent either with UPS, FedEx, DHL, or USPS using the least expensive option available, usually "Ground." Only orders being shipped within the United States will qualify for free shipping. Orders being shipped to addresses outside of the United States will be charged regular International shipping rates regardless of coupon code or "Free Shipping" promotion unless otherwise specified in such promotion.

Watch Care Tips

  • Wipe your watch regularly with fresh water and soap, especially after it has been in salt water.
  • Condensation may occur with rapid climate change. This will go away on its own and should not effect the functionality of the watch. If it persists, please contact us.
  • If your Waypoint Watch has a leather bracelet/strap, do your best to keep it out of water. Although the watch itself may be water resistant, leather is not.

Water Resistance Guide

A watch cannot be completely waterproof because it is made of many different parts, but a water-resistant watch is a great investment. Water resistance is tested in measurements of atmosphere (ATM). Each ATM denotes 10 meters of static water-pressure. This is not the depth to which a watch can be worn.

  • 3ATM (30 Meters) | Suitable for everyday use. Splash resistant, rain resistant. Swimming, showering, bathing, and water sports not recommended.
  • 5ATM (50 Meters) | Suitable for everyday use, swimming, showering, bathing, mild water sports. Surfing, free-diving, scuba diving not recommended.
  • 10ATM (100 Meters) | Suitable for everyday use, swimming, showering, bathing, most water sports, and surfing. Free-diving and scuba diving not recommended.
  • 20ATM (200 Meters) | Suitable for most water based activity with the exception of scuba diving.